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The only real keyboard for iPad.

Looks, feels and behaves just like your Mac keyboard.


Tons of Features

Automatic Emoji Recognition


Arrow Keys

Bracket Matching

Swipe Gesture Cursor Movement

Backward & Forward Delete

Delete Whole Word Gesture

Convenient Quick Settings


19 Regional Keyboard Layouts

Set up multiple at once for different purposes,

each with its own settings and preferences.


Easy to follow set up instructions,

comprehensive manual, helpful support & more.

ProType 1.1 Update out now!

Our long awaited ProType 1.1 update has just hit the App Store. This update is literally yours, as it contains most things you have asked us for, since we released 1.0 end of November 2014. Highlights of this release are a reworked key layout with larger overall key sizes, emoji recognition, keyboard click sounds, the ability to skip whole words using Option + arrow keys, as well as brand new keyboard layouts for our Czech and Danish users.

ProType 1.1 Release Notes

  • Emoji Recognition – turns common textual Emoji, such as :), into graphical ones automatically.
  • Arrow keys now skip whole words when the Option key is pressed.
  • Now plays keyboard click sounds. (requires Full Access)
  • Optimized key size and layout for even more natural typing.
  • Now shows the currently active keyboard layout within the space key.
  • Space key gesture recognition is now more intelligent and can optionally be turned off.
  • Three new keyboard layouts – Dansk (DK), Čeština (CZ), and Čeština (CZ – QWERTY)
  • Deleting whole words using the gesture now deletes across line breaks.
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard would sometimes not show when editing a draft in Mail.
  • Fixed an issue related to unintended automatic full stop insertion.
  • Fixed a display issue in compatibility mode.

The Real Keyboard for iPad

ProType looks, feels and behaves like your Mac keyboard. It offers instant access to numbers and special characters and is carefully crafted to offer you a familiar layout, and enable you to work faster.

Tons of advanced Features

Comes with some fantastic features, such as the ability to autocomplete braces and quotation marks for you, swiping within the space key to move the cursor, or backward and forward deletion of whole words.

Types your Language

ProType comes with 19 different keyboard layouts. You may activate multiple at once, such as one for coding purposes and another one for writing in your language, and define separate settings for each.