ProType FAQ

- Why does the keyboard not do XYZ great thing?

ProType is being constantly updated with cool new features and improvements. However, please bear in mind that third-party keyboards are a new thing in iOS 8. Because of this, APIs are still quite limited and unfortunately this means we could not yet do everything we would have liked to.

However, do not worry. This is a long-term commitment from our side. We do hear (and always reply to) your feedback and we do know there are many cool things the keyboard could still do, such as text-selection and copy and paste, being amongst the most requested. Rest assured, that we are going to implement these and many other things, as soon as it becomes technically possible for us.

- I have noticed a quirk/misbehaviour in a specific app.

Please do get in touch and tell us about it, so we can see whether or nor we can do something about it. Please note however, that a third-party keyboard has now control and/or knowledge of the environment it currently runs in. Therefore, there may be certain cases where the keyboard acts differently form the built-in one.

ProType comes with a lot of features, that go beyond the built-in keyboard. While we made sure this works fine with most apps, there might be some rare cases, where things do not (such as when writing an App Store review). This might be simply because of a specialised way a third-party app plugs into the text sytem, because of a system bug or other weirdness related to how new third-party keyboards are in general. Please bear with us and everyone else until things hopefully get sorted out in the future.

- Why does my device sometimes switch to the standard keyboard, even though ProType is activated?

This is a security feature implemented into iOS. Certain types of text fields – such as Password or Phone Number fields – do not support third-party keyboards to protect you from your sensitive data potentially being logged.

- Why does ProType not work with my favorite app?

App developers can explicitly disable third-party keyboards for their apps. Should this be the case for one of your apps, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it, as we have no control over third parties.

- Why cannot I type in certain input fields?

Some apps might contain input fields which are restricted to a specific kind of entry. Some fields might be numeric, and only allow you to input numbers. Others might require ASCII characters and prevent you from using certain special characters, and so on.

Always try to input whatever seems relevant in the current context. Typing unicode characters, such as “” in a field asking for your phone number might not work.

- How can I type an accent without accenting the next character?

On most layouts, there should be a standalone key either in Option or Option-Shift mode for accents which have alternate meanings.

Should this not be the case, or should you wish to type an accent using an accent key, simply type your accent and move the cursor by using the arrow keys or by swiping within your space key. The next character typed will not be accented anymore.

- My regional layout is not supported. What can I do?

ProType version 1.0 ships with 19 different keyboard layouts. We will be adding more in the future.

However, should you miss your regional layout, please do let us know. We will do our best to prioritize and include it in an upcoming update.

- How can I remove the ProType keyboard?

If you would like to temporarily remove ProType from your active keyboard list, simply go into “Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards”, press “Edit” and remove your active ProType layout(s).

If you wish to permanently delete ProType, simply remove this app, which also removes your activated ProType keyboards as well.