ProType Functions

ProType was carefully designed to give you access to a full-featured, full-size keyboard on your iPad, whether you type a lot, code on your iPad or just miss a familiar keyboard layout.

ProType behaves exactly the same way as your Mac keyboard. The keys are laid out to replicate your desktop keyboard; in appearance, positioning, size, and distance from one another. Touch-typing comes as natural as on your physical keyboard, with the added convenience of the additional functionality that a digital keyboard brings with, making your life easier.

Choosing a Keyboard Layout

When setting up ProType, you will find a comprehensive choice of keyboard layouts. You may choose one, or multiple keyboard layouts to be active simultaneously. You could as an example, enable US English for coding purposes, as well as your language of choice (from our selection) for all your other needs. Furthermore, as settings are stored separately for each layout, you may activate particular functions on one layout, and leave them disabled on another layout.

Character Repeating

If you wish to type a particular character repeatedly, there is no need to keep on pressing and releasing a key. Simply hold your finger down, and after a short moment the keyboard will keep on repeating that character at a rate of ten characters per second.

Cursor Positioning – new features in v1.1

Additionally to positioning the cursor by tapping a certain location on screen or using the built in magnifying glass, ProType offers two new ways of moving around your text:

Firstly, there are two arrow keys, which allow you to move your cursor left or right. They may also be pressed and held in order to automatically repeat keystrokes and have the cursor move into a given direction rapidly. If the Option key is active while using the arrow keys, the cursor will skip whole words, rather than single characters.

Secondly, you can move the cursor through panning left and right within the space key. This allows you to move the cursor very quickly or very accurately depending on how fast you move your finger.

Deleting Characters and Words

The backspace key allows for the deletion of a single character, or whole words in backward and forward direction.

By default, tapping the backspace key will delete a single character before the cursor. Holding the key down will repeatedly delete characters at a rate of ten characters per second.

When the Option key is pressed, the delete key will delete in forward direction. You can easily recognize this mode, because the backspace key label turns into forward direction. Pressing the key now will remove characters after the cursor.

In order to delete the whole last or whole next (in forward mode) word, swipe left from within the backspace key. Make sure the swipe ends outside of the key bounds.

Special Characters and Accents

Depending on your chosen keyboard layout, you may have accent keys in various locations and modifier key modes on your keyboard. You can recognize accent keys from their orange label.

Once you tap an accent key, you will see the corresponding accent added to your text. Pressing the “~” key, will add the “~” character to your text. However, when an accent character is followed by a regular character, the accent in your text will be replaced by the corresponding accented character. The accent “~” followed by the character “n” will become “ñ”, and so on.

Shift and Option Keys – new features in v1.1

The Shift and Option keys behave very similarly and modify character input. Both keys can either be pressed and held for the desired duration, or be tapped once, to lock into active mode until the next character is typed.

Just as on your desktop keyboard, the Shift key capitalizes regular character keys and allows accessing characters displayed in the top part of special character keys.

The Option key displays a regionally different, additional layout for special characters. When the Option key is active with the Shift key, or the Caps Lock key, a third set of special characters will appear. Additionally, the Option key also puts the backspace key into forward delete mode and lets you skip whole words using the arrow keys, when active.

Quick Settings – new features in v1.1

Quick Settings are triggered by pressing the key with the cog symbol (⚙). Settings take effect immediately upon activation, and are separate for each keyboard layout, allowing you to have multiple ProType layouts with different settings active.

Double space inserts full stop

When this setting is active, a double space will automatically insert a full stop at the end of your last sentence. A full stop will only be added on the second space following regular characters, that are not considered punctuation or spaces themselves. (on by default)

Auto-insert closing braces

When turned on, this setting ensures that brackets, braces, quotation marks, and so on; are being autocompleted and the cursor gets positioned right in the middle.

Typing an open brace ‘(‘ followed by a quotation mark ‘”‘ will actually insert ‘(“”)’ into your text and place the cursor right in between the quotation marks. (on by default)


When active, this setting will make sure to put the keyboard into Shift key mode at the beginning of every line or at the end of every sentence. (on by default)

Auto-insert graphical Emoji – new in v1.1

When active, the keyboard will automatically recognize most common textual emoji, such as “:)”, as you type, and replace them with their corresponding graphical representation. (on by default)

Bold font on keys

This setting replaces the default labels of the character keys with bold ones for better readability. (off by default)

Swiping in Space moves Cursor – new in v1.1

Since version 1.1, the space key now distinguisches between the swipe gesture and therefore intention to move the cursor, and simply pressing the key vigorously, more intelligently. However, if you do not wish this behaviour, you can turn it off using this setting. (on by default)

Play Keyboard Clicks – new in v1.1

This setting enables or disables keyboard click sounds, as you may know them from your device’s built-in keyboard. However, please note, that this setting only activates sound playback in ProType. If you have disabled full access, you may not hear keyboard clicks, despite this setting being active. (off by default)

This is currently an API limitation and we will remove the need for full access, as soon as it becomes possible to play sound with restricted access.