ProType – Privacy Policy

As software developers, we at NCODX UG are not in the business of collecting data or monetizing on it. Nonetheless, there are particular circumstances where we might need to temporarily keep your received information as detailed below.

Data Collection

ProType was designed as a self contained application, fully functional with restricted access. As such, it does not collect, store, share and/or log any information about you, your device and/or what you may type. ProType does not communicate with other applications and never accesses the internet.

Communicating with You

If you contact our support, where data such as your E-Mail and name as well as other personal information is received by us, we will only keep and use such information for the purpose of getting back to you on your request, need, and/or feedback. All information we should have about you will be discarded once your issue is resolved.

Since your information is only kept for as long as necessary and we all dislike spam, we will not be putting you on any mailing lists or otherwise contact you with marketing material, unless you specifically went on our website in a separate process and signed up to receive such.

Enabling Full Access

Trust is Good, Control is Better.

We do not ask you to blindly trust us. That is why ProType was designed to be fully functional with restricted access, which technically prevents it from communicating with its containing app, the internet and comes with a bunch of other restrictions.

Nonetheless, ProType comes with the option of enabling “Full Access”. This setting is meant solely for Enterprise users, which intend to use ProType with their MDM managed apps. Other users, do not need to bother and should leave this setting off.  The only temporary exception to this is, if you would like to enable keyboard click sounds.

Should you accidentally enable “Full Access” at some point in time, there is no need to worry. Even with this setting enabled, ProType does not collect, store or transmit any personal or anonymized data.

Feature-related temporary Access to Content

ProType comes with some convenient features – such as Autocapitalization, deletion of whole words at once, turning double space into a full stop, and so on – that need to access a small portion of what you have typed temporarily in order to function.

To give you an example, when deleting a whole word using ProType’s convenient gesture, the app will need to look at the characters before or after the current cursor position (depending on whether you are deleting forwards or backwards) in order to find out where the last word ends and how long it is. Similarly, when deciding on whether to automatically capitalize, ProType will need to look back a few characters to find out whether a sentence just ended.

Whichever of these convenience functions you may perform, ProType only ever looks at, and cares for the syntax of you text, not its explicit content. The information it gathers, is only a few characters long, and is only temporarily stored in the device’s memory for as long as it takes to perform the desired action. No information whatsoever is ever logged or written to disk.

Additionally, you may prevent ProType from performing those functions by disabling the corresponding setting in Quick Settings.

Sharing of Personal Data

We do not share your personal information with third parties.

Deletion of Personal Data

In case you may have signed up for our newsletter or have an open communication with us, and should you wish to delete all your personal data from our systems at any point in time, we will happily oblige.